Gilly Thirlwell

Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist, Group Facilitator.  

I was raised in the hills around Allendale in Northumberland and have been in love with Nature all my life. I have been practising Yoga, Nature Therapy and Council for many years. I feel they are essential for my well-being and clients tell me that this is true for them too.  Yoga cares for body, mind and spirit. Council creates and supports community.  Nature Therapy expands community to embrace the natural world.  For me, they are all heart-centred practices. 

I have been teaching Yoga for 25 years, having trained with the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashram, South India and with FRYOG, London.  My Yoga therapy training was with Real Yoga, Herefordshire and the Minded Institute, London. I have also trained in counselling, health psychology and occupational therapy. My way of working is rooted in nature, the elements and the seasons.  I am inspired by and have trained in the nature-based work of the School of Lost Borders,  Joanna Macy and Simone Silver Path.  I learned mindfulness meditation in the 1990's in Suan Mokkh Forest Monastery, Thailand, where I studied Buddhist philosophy, coordinated retreats and taught Yoga.  I love the unconditional peace I find within and I love helping people to connect with that peace within themselves.