Please Note: Avani Therapies have moved online (via Zoom) for the time being.  

Yoga Therapy
Avani Yoga Therapy responds sensitively and holistically to your individual health issues - creating a sustainable personal yoga practice to improve your health and well-being.  This begins with a one-to-one consultation, which may include assessment of posture, physical mobility, breathing, emotional well-being and lifestyle. You and your therapist then work together to create a yoga routine that fits your needs, ability and lifestyle.  Your home practice is supported by written, photographic and video guidance.

Nature Therapy 
Medicine walks in wild places support your physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Avani Nature Therapy is undertaken with deep love and respect for the Earth: Nature is the teacher and the therapist.  Experiencing how Nature's seasons and cycles mirror the human psyche helps you to feel more connected and at home in the world. Tuning-in to the peace and stillness of the natural world enables you to experience peace and stillness within yourself.  

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